Collection Sari Fritz

Collection Sari Fritz

I would first of all like to thank you for viewing my Home page, and for taking this journey with me, on a trip through my HOMMAGE ART®©!

HOMMAGE ART ®© is registered, a branch of art, founded by me and divided into different categories called Cycles, bearing its definition in itself. It is my art collection of pieces which are singularly offered for exihibitions.

If you are expecting an explanation, or a reason for my art, I must disappoint you! Not wanting to hide, that which is unexplainable, about my art, especially my Hommage Art, is of no help to you or me, and it would not placate you, the viewer, if I were to try to justify these works.

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If you don't have a username and password for this site, please ask me by email.

Sari F r i t z


A R T  D O M A I N  G A L L E R Y 
Palm Art Award
Who's Who in Visual Art

The jury of the Palm Art Award 2006 awarded you a merit award for applying traditional craft in a masterly manner combined with outstanding artistic originality.